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Process Server vs. Sheriff

5 Top Reasons to Hire a Process Server Over a Sherrif (Continued)

2. Quicker Results – A Process Server’s TOP priority is the serving of legal papers. A Process Server considers time sensitive circumstances and gives each service the immediate attention needed to timely convey any service issues with the attorney and client. Process serving is only one of the components of the Sheriff’s office and conflicting priorities of the Sheriff’s office can result in significant delays in completing service of your documents.

3. No Jurisdictional Restriction – A Process Server is not restricted by county lines.With a Process Server, you avoid delays in service with address corrections requiring a paper be served in another county. Also, the same Process Server can serve various papers throughout the state. Unlike Process Servers, Sheriffs are appointed by county and have no jurisdiction outside their county of appointment.

4. More Effective Service of Process –More Effective Service of Process – Process Servers generate greater “In-Hand” results for each service. With more flexibility in delivery attempts and times, a Process Server addresses the special circumstances of each service to ensure the best results. Sheriff’s office servers (Deputy Sheriffs) are civil employees who generally attempt service of documents between normal business hours.

5. Personalized Customer Service – The Process Server’s business is dependenton effective service of each document. As such, a Process Server is inherently motivated to “go the extra mile” and achieve optimal results for each service. If there is no answer at a delivery location, a Process Server will inquire with neighbors, research an address on-line or confirm an address with local town authorities to get successful delivery results. Your Process Server is always reachable to discuss your documents and address service alternatives as they arise. Sheriff’s office servers do not provide their cell phone numbers or maintain an open line of communication with you. As civil servants, deputy sheriffs get paid regardless of the outcome of the service and have no incentive to “go the extra mile” when serving a paper. A deputy sheriff makes minimal attempts at knocking or ringing a bell. If no one answers, a document is just left at an unconfirmed address or simply returned to you with an affidavit of non-service.

These are only a few of the reasons that legal professionals turn to Process Servers as the preferred choice for serving legal process. If the rule in the state you are serving in allows it, a Process Server should always be used! Successful service of process ensures a strong attorney-client relationship for your firm.

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